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I love the days that I work from home, busy arranging things for styling projects, making new blog posts. Time flies when you are behind your computer, so when there are days like these and the weather outside is great, I am going for a walk, just a short break in between. They say it’s good for the body, mind and soul you know ;-).

But there are days that my ‘to do-lists’ are pretty long and I don’t feel like taking a break, let alone I make time to eat something. (Not a role model kind of thing- so don’t forget: eat well!).
Nobody can concentrate with an empty stomach, so I have this thing for home made smoothies. It’s easy, quick and I would say healthy. Greek yoghurt isn’t the healthiest thing but once in a while it won’t hurt anyone.


For 1 smoothie                                                      

One banana

1/3 Strawberries


2 Oranges


150g Greek yoghurt

Of course this is the “easy’ way, you can add a lot of berries and a colorful straw to it.

kiki vogels

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