What To Wear To Your Job Interview

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They say that the first 10 seconds are very important, in those seconds your brain already made the decision if you like it or not. That’s why your first impression is so important, especially with a job interview.
Lately I’ve been looking for a new job adventure in and around Antwerp, sending out resumes and having interviews. I find it really important to think about my outfits, like I already said before, they say a lot about you as a person and how you want people to see you.

Are you in the same position? Looking for a job after college or it is time for something new? Then read these tips and make sure to reread them once you get thé call and made an appointment.




First things first: there are a couple of things that just need to be done before you rush out of your house. Things you normally will do but may slip out of your thoughts because of your nerves.
– Make sure your nails are clean, nail file them and add an extra touch with see through nail polish. Hygiene is important!

–  Greasy hair: make sure your hair has his natural shine and if you’re running out of time use a good dry shampoo.

Jewelry: we love necklaces and sometimes we see something really cute for €12,00 – that same item loses his color and turns bronze. Just leave that item at home and don’t wear it to your interview.

Shoes: in our daily life we can be to lazy to clean our shoes but when you have an interview just take a cloth and wipe of the black stripes and dirt.





Get to know their house style

If you put effort in your outfit that matches the company, it shows that you are sincerely interested in the job and in what they are doing.

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Less is more but be a little extra

Showing up as a black sheep isn’t the best intending, going for a neutral look is a good thing. Although your outfit can use a little extra! Just add one or two max. statement pieces to your outfit, never forget you are applying for a fashion job.

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Stay true to yourself

The fashion industry is an interesting scene and it comes with pressure and impressive people. Never forget to stay true to yourself, you are an individual with your own creative talent. Be inspired and inspire.

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Feel like you are interested in more tips? Then take a look at which make-up is best for you to wear on a job interview.




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