What Happened In Barcelona?!


Waking up in Barcelona, that doesn’t sound bad at all right? As you may know I will be in Barcelona for a couple of weeks and of course I like to keep you posted about what is going on here.
I wanted to start a weekly vlog to show you everything I’m doing but it didn’t turn out the way I liked this week, I already had an amazing couple of days but a bit interesting, let me put it like that… also the weather doesn’t work with me to make fun photos since it already rained for 4 days! (Lucky girl).

So… I arrived at Saturday evening and I only stayed 3 nights in the room that I was planning on renting for the rest of the month…. Nothing to complain about the apartment but I really wasn’t feeling the place plus I didn’t have Wi-Fi at home.
That sounds so superficial but imagine how much money I would have to spend on coffee? (I was staying in Raval, let’s say ‘down town’ which is not the most amazing place to stay especially for tourists).

Oh, a little something. When you take a taxi, go sit in the back instead of beside the driver cause apparently they don’t do that in Spain. Yep, I made that mistake. Not once but twice on one day…



The first thing I did Saturday night was visiting my cousin, she is living in Barcelona for 2 years already and I hadn’t seen her for all that time!
On Sunday, I went for dinner with her and her boyfriend down at the haven and I had the best paella in an l-o-n-g time.

Dress Lola Liza — Bag Mango — Sunnies Oodzy Fashion


So mostly I walked around the city this week, getting to know the streets and places, so I won’t be lost for the whole month… but when it stopped raining I had to go to the beach. Of course my skin loves the sun (ahum), so instead of having a sun kissed skin I looked more like a lobster (I’m all good now, thank you for thinking about me;). I made it up to myself with delicious food by Tapas 24 on Passeig de Gracia. No biggie.



I think I walk at least 10,4 KM a day, on Tuesday I just moved my stuff to the other apartment and went out with my roomies to the disco Pacha, a bit more expensive but with a view on the beach. I mean, a girl gotta dance!
On Wednesday I woke up early since I wanted to do a whole route with coffee bars, … for the travel guide I’m writing and what better than ending the day with AMAZING sushi?! Not even lying… if you’re into sushi you must have gone to Monster Sushi. I mean, I’m already hungry again by only thinking about it.


On Thursday I had a lovely meeting with a girl (photographer) who I’m going to work with for my blog and creating a concept that I can do the styling for. After lunch, I went on for a wine with the stylist that I’m going to assist, Patrycja. She is good guys! Right before I knew it, I ended up on the coach with pizza and Netflix (13 reasons beyond why, if you like to know).

Time flies and so Friday was already there. Patricyja took me for lunch after we visited a couple of showrooms and before the photo shoot with two new faces. The setting made me think of New York and those models… beautiful. I’m talking really dreamy, so I just hope I will receive the photos when they’re done, so I can show them to you!


Before you know it, the weekend is there again. I went out for drinks with the people I know since this week.
In the Lime House you have mojito’s for €4 and wine for €2,5! I think I made it to heaven? Yes… of course you could find me there.
All good but yesterday I decided it was time to do some work behind the computer since the weather was perfect for it —> rain.
Thanks to Lena the photographer I found the perfect work space called Sandwichez (you will also find this place in my travel guide).

If you’re coming this month to Barcelona, feel free to ask me any tips. I’m getting there ;-)!



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