That’s what the jacket says, not me!
It mades me think that I’m exploring my love for jackets, first my bomber jacket and now the oversized denim jacket.
It was something that I wanted for years already, remember the time when we’re all craving the ACNE piece?
And what could I do? If My Isabelli has another great collection for spring season and I just couldn’t help myself.

It is so easy to combine!
On a day when I don’t feel like doing my hair or when I feel like doing something different with my hair.
Like the “inside-out” braid, call it the new French braid.
It shows texture and dimension in our hair, especially with brunettes (according to Louise Roe).
It is important to use the right hair products so your hair remains healthy.


 So we have a cool jacket, pretty hair so that also needs a weekend out.
I have the perfect location for you! In need of some quality time with your lover or you’re traveling to Antwerp.
You are going to love this adorable place!
Want to now more about this hotspot? Check out my next blogpost.
Today I will give you sneak peeks about this location and I’m all over my new items and lip scrub by LUSH.

Photos by Emmelie Staps // Braid by Kim Smolders

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