Three Fashionable Ways To Wear The Air Vapormax Sneakers

When we think of our summer looks, we think about shorts, swimwear and dresses.
Every season has his own trends and it is always an adventure to create your own style around it. One of the benefits Instagram gives us, is the inspiration we can find there, but what about items that you really like on others and you are unsure to wear them yourself?
For example: you think you don’t have enough clothes to create different looks with the item, and you are afraid to buy something you won’t like in the end?

Today we are talking about the Air Vapormax, and how to wear them in 3 different ways.
At first sight, most people see this as a sneaker to work-out with. We don’t blame them because they are good foot support but it is time to show them in another daylight!

Everyone should have a pair of good sneakers in their closet, it’s a key item that will never leave the streets — how to dress them is something we will talk about today. Let’s take a look.




The fun thing about sneakers is that you can wear them very feminine, believe it or not. For the high summer I choose to combine it with a mini dress, it is also possible with a midi! Instead of a white shirt, I liked to turn it around! A colored shirt with a creme white slip dress. With an outfit like this you don’t necessary have to pick 1 eye catcher, you’re going fashion so don’t hold back!

If you want to take your look to a next level, you should play with different kind of fabrics. Choose your clothing wisely and do not always look at the cheap prices.





We will never get over the cargo pants, the pair of I Am Gia made his major introduction last year and we are still not over this. This look could work during the day but also for a night out. Simple but not simple. For the ladies with guts.






An upgrade of the look you normally would wear. Don’t be afraid to combine different type of styles with each other. The thing about these pieces is that you can wear them separately very easy, bringing them together creates such a refreshing look!

Personally I really like this set (I bought the blouse and I’m already adding the other styles to my wish list).



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