These Tricks Make Online Shopping Easier Then You Thought


Online shopping — Some people love it, others “hate it”. The cold winter is behind the corner and after giving you tips for the perfect winter coat, it’s also time to explain why online shopping is really fun and easy once you know the tricks. Be honest, when it’s raining or -8 degrees, you really don’t feel like going out for a shopping spree?

Of course, we support stores and don’t forget it’s relaxing when you have time off. Drinking a coffee, having lunch, socialize and meeting people but you know… sometimes you just want to stay home.
Let me give you a couple of good tips that makes it easier to purchase something online, believe me you’re going to love it.



1. Check the composition: you cannot try the items on. So make sure to check the fabrics, because items of 100% wool can give an itchy feeling. If you don’t have much knowledge about it, inform the internet or ask your friends or family if they have a book about compositions!


2. Read the opinion section: 99% of the time websites have a section where people can leave a comment about the item. If the color is the same as on the picture, if the size chart is correct and more information like that!


3. Brands: this is where it goes wrong for a lot of people. It isn’t easy to decide which size you have online. Websites as Zalando give you information on sizes, when the sizes are different than the standards, so go on from there.
If you haven’t knowledge about a specific brand, use the size guide, take a look at their website or search for information on the internet (read: please choose a trustworthy site).


4. Instagram / social media: If you don’t feel comfortable buying online and you would like to have a second opinion. Make sure to check out their Instagram or Facebook. You can get a lot of information out of people their comments.
If their happy about the quality, service or if the brand is worth your purchase.


5. Zoomer: You may have noticed that online stores use a zoomer. This tool has a meaning, a good one, really. So you should try and use it. You can see the fabric up close, stitching and other details you prefer to see. Your second guessing is gone in no time.




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