These Tips Will Get You Through The Day On High Heels

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The days of high heels go way back in history, nowadays most of us don’t even think about where certain trends are coming from.
Back in the Roman time, when high heels were invented by men and who were also the first ones to wear them, the footwear did not only protect their feet from the dirty underground, it had much more meaning than that.

In the Middle East horsemen discovered that their posture became more stable because of the heels, allowing them to aim better during archery.
Around 1600 the trend blow over to Western Europe where the heels became a big part of hierarchy.
The higher the heels, the more status and wealth. If you really wanted to show off your wealth, you made sure that your heels were red. (read: I’m wondering were Sir Christian Louboutin found his inspiration).
Except for Louis XIV, he wore heels of 10 centimeters high to compensate his length.


Around 1650 us women noticed that men looked quite attractive on high heels.
Rich merchants took the French fashion back with them to continue with this status of heels in their country. It didn’t take long before lower population class copied the trend.

Since the 70s we cannot imagine a world without heels, for women at least. It defines some of our outfits and gives us just that little extra.
However, it is not easiest job to walk around on heels for a whole day, but we do have ways do avoid the burning feeling in our feet or the non-flattering walk.



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#1 Take it easy
Not familiar with high heels? Start with block heels, this gives you way more balance and makes it easier to get used too heels.

#2 Posture
Walk straight, don’t lean forward or let your feet take over (read: your whole body is leaning backwards while your feet are in front, not cute).
This way you overloaded your feet, and they will hurt sooner than you think.


#3 The right fit
It is so important to buy the right size. Your feet are very precious and walking around on heels that are not well fitted is just not good people.


#4 Gel soles
A lot of shoe stores or shoemakers sell this small soles that you can place in the front of your shoe. This softened the pressure on the balls of your feet.


#5 Tape toe number 3 and 4 together
This is the golden tip! The reason that you feel pain in the balls of your feet is because we put a lot of pressure on them, walking for several hours on high heels. In that area we have a very sensitive muscle that we activate while walking on our precious shoes.
That’s what cause the pain — by taping your 3rd and 4th toe, you avoid that pain.
Let’s try it out!




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