These Lingerie Tips Are The Ones We Need To Find The Perfect Fitting Bra

I Have No Idea What I Need…

Last week we spoke about having the ideal closet — which items you need and which ones need to go so that way you can create a tailored-made wardrobe. Today we talk about another drawer: the lingerie one.

A person’s relationship with their intimates closet space can be very complex.
The right fit, cup, cut and also fabrics are things you need to consider when buying, and we honestly sometimes have no idea which notes to keep in mind while shopping lingerie.
We all know the feeling of wearing a bra that dig into our skin, slips off our shoulders, and we cannot wait to take it off the first minute we get home.

Finding the right underwear is like finding a pair of shoes that fit comfortable, that are not too small, too big or to tight and looks good in combination with our clothing.
Having new items gives you the chance to get rid of the thready bras you’ve been wearing for years. Your body is a temple, it deserves the best.


Note that we’re not experts, these tips are the ones you can use if you want to do it yourself, at home:

1. Measure yourself with your bra on. Without other clothing on top of it.
During your period your breast can feel heavier or different. So don’t measure during this time if you want to know your correct cup size.

2. For the band size you follow the line of your bra under your bust, keep the tape measure tight.
For the cup size: measure at the height of your nipples around your back.
You’ll then subtract the difference. (for example: if your bust measures 86 cms and your under-bust measures 83 cms, the different is 3 so that will be cup C 1= A, 2=B, 4=D).

3. If you bust measures to different sizes then always round it up.



The best tip and what you should do is to go to a lingerie shop and ask for help.
The sales team is professionally trained and you might be surprised what a bra expert can tell you. (as in you’ve been wearing your whole adult life the wrong size).

Personally I shop most of my lingerie in Hunkemoller and I always ask for help, you look differently to your own body so having someone who gives you the right advice makes the shopping more positive and fun!



MARIE JO - €79,90
MARIE JO – €79,90






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