The World’s Best Destinations For Solo Female Travelers — by Box Of Style L.A.

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Imagine waking up to this sound, every morning. 🐚

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The World’s Best Destinations For Solo Female Travelers


We all want to travel, but sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect travel buddy.
Whether you’re newly single or your friends don’t quite have as much time or interest in travel as you, there comes a time in your life where traveling alone seems like the only answer. You may be skeptical about traveling alone, but once you do you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it out.

If you have yet to embark on a solo travel adventure, you’ll likely rethink that after reading our recommendations of the best places to go. So, without further ado, here are some of the best solo travel destinations in the world.



Portland, Oregon

Don’t feel obligated to leave the country for your first solo travel adventure. Staying in the U.S. is a good idea if you want to test out traveling alone without the stress of learning a new language and changing your currency. 

There is no shortage of fun things to do in the hipster haven of Portland, especially in the summer. Are you brave enough to take part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride?  Or how about going on a chilling hike to the Witch’s Castle in Portland’s Forest Park? If neither of those interests you, you can always attend a performance in Lan Su Chinese Garden.  

There is so much to do in Portland, Oregon, especially at mealtimes thanks to the seemingly endless microbreweries, coffeehouses, and food trucks.


Depending on when you visit, Oregon’s weather can be lovely, or cold and dreary. Make sure to pick up a seasonal subscription box for any last minute accessories you may need. It’s also a good idea to check the weather before you depart, just so you know what conditions you’ll be dealing with.



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When in Rome 🇮🇹

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Rome, Italy

Do you really need to convince yourself to go to Rome? Authentic Italian food, and some of the most iconic sights and landmarks in the world, what could be better? Pictures of the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and all of the mouth-watering Italian food, ice cream and coffee should make for quite an exciting Instagram grid.



The Galápagos Islands

Over 275,000 tourists visit The Galápagos Islands every year – and we think you should be one of them! A province of Ecuador, The Galápagos Islands are credited as the inspiration behind Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, so it should definitely have a permanent spot on everyone’s bucket list for that reason alone. 

The volcanic archipelago is a must for wildlife enthusiasts, as it is home to some of the rarest plant and animal species in the world. There are many group tours with fantastic excursions to take advantage of, and the cruises shouldn’t be overlooked, either. You’ll be having too much fun to realize you’re on your own! 

The Galápagos Islands are positioned on the Equator, which gives the area a very tropical climate. You don’t want to be underprepared for a trip of this magnitude, so having all the essentials is key. A summer subscription box will provide you with everything you need to comfortably enjoy your island getaway.,



Bangkok, Thailand

No matter how many times you go, you’ll never see or do everything in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a great destination for solo travelers, especially those on a budget thanks to the mouth-watering (albeit spicy) street food and $2 beer. Clubbing in Bangkok is quite the experience, and should be done at least once on your travels. Who knows, you might meet a like minded solo traveler to go on future adventures with. 

If the heat gets a little too unbearable, head to one of the beautiful beaches near Bangkok for some sunbathing and, more importantly, cooling off.



Sydney, Australia

The familiarity and safety of the English language can make all the difference when traveling alone, so Sydney is a great option for those first time solo travelers. As, of course, are the major tourist hotspots such as the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbor, among others. 

Just remember that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in Australia – and vice-versa – so plan your trip accordingly and bear this in mind when packing.


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Sunset in Portugal☀️

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And now for our top tips for packing for your solo trip…


  1. Pack light.
    Opt for reversible, convertible clothes, and leave those “one time” outfits and uncomfortable heels at home. Your solo travel adventure is no place for experimental fashion, no matter how many Instagram pictures you want to take.


  1. Utilize your carry on space.
    A great trick is to pack a foldable tote bag in your carry on, so that you can stock up on things after getting through airport security. Everything from plane snacks to bottled water to books will keep you occupied on the long plane journey. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a change of clothes in your carry on, just in case your suitcase gets lost. Better to be safe than sorry!


  1. Remember your portable USB charger – and the charging brick that goes along with it. A solo travel adventure means only one cell phone, so you can’t afford to let your battery die when there are stunning scenic views to take pictures of. And of course, for safety reasons too – your cell phone has another purpose other than taking and sharing pictures!


  1. Pick-pocketers are very real, no matter where you decide to travel. A great trick is to divide your money up once you get to the hotel, and hide some of it in your suitcase, and some in your room’s safe. Only take as much money as you’ll need for the day (and a little spare) each day. 


  1. Travel sized toiletries exist for a reason, and your solo travel trip is definitely the place for all those teeny tiny bottles. Alternatively, leave your shampoos and conditioners at home and brave whatever they have in the hotel. Pick something up in a local shop if you really need to. And it goes without saying, but don’t bother packing a bulky hair dryer – either use the one in the hotel, or air dry!



While traveling alone may seem like a foreign concept, or just not interest you, it is certainly a great way to see the world. You can do as you please and take as much time as you need to really appreciate these great locations. If you decide to set out on your own, remember these tips.



A big thank you to the Box of Style — Rachel Zoe Group for the guest post.
Credits for the freelance editor, Rae Steinbach since she helped create the post!

Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing for Box of Style



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