The Ultimate Tips To Find Jeans That Won’t Slip Down

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Style Tips To Find The Perfect Jeans

Getting dressed in quarantine has been different, that is for sure. During the past couple of weeks my clothing routine has been very variable and changes, that is obvious.
There are days I am very comfortable in a long dress with sneakers, and even if denim is not comfortable, I still like to wear it in the lifestyle we live in right now.
While we prefer different fabrics or our comfortable jogging thanks to Rona, there are two standard items that are important to pay attention too, and when needed to spend more money on: shoes and jeans.

Finding the right jeans is not easy, we all experienced jeans that will slip down once you wear him for a longer period of time. There are (simple) ways to avoid a bad buy!
When you are looking for a pair of jeans, you have to check of what substance it is made off. The models that slip down often contain a lot of elastane.
To avoid this, it’s better to buy jeans that contains more than 90% cotton. You can assure yourself that you buy a sturdy pair that keeps his fit.
The other percents contain elastane, because you’re probably also looking for some comfort right?

Monki, Selected Femme, Weekday


This may sound obvious, but most of the time we pick out the wrong size because when we fit, the jeans can feel uncomfortable and tight. Remember, that they stretch from the moment you move! Try out several models and if needed different sizes.


Not long ago we spoke about the pro’s and con’s of the low rise jeans, lucky for us the high waist jeans is an item that became a standard in most of our closets. They are flattering, and they create a curve and a waistline. This way it gives it less wiggle-space and provides it from slipping down your hips.


This can be an option but not directly the most flattering option. Tucking in your top or sweater fills in any gaping between your skin and jeans.


Still pulling up your jeans by the end of the day? Add a belt to your look, go for a neutral color as black or a brown tint. This piece is very versatile and easy to combine with different looks. If you want an extra, you can go for a print of croco leather. This comes in different kind of leather substitutes.


Finding the right jeans, with a good fit but you are having difficulties with your ratios, go let your waistband getting tailored. Don’t be afraid, it won’t take days before they can return your item. Once you experience a good tailor — you are going to love them!


Which brands do I wear at the moment?
NAKD — Sézane — Selected Femme — Monki


Do you have questions about which color of model fits you the best or you would love to have some styling advice during a shopping spree?
Leave a comment below or for shopping advice e-mail me!

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