The Struggle Of Dry Skin — 4 Tips To Keep Ourselves Hydrated


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Having a dry skin, something very uncomfortable. It feels rough, itchy and it doesn’t look pretty. What can you do to get that hydrating skin again? Here are a couple of tips that give you that smooth touch again.



  • Stop the scrubbing
    You may think scrubbing your skin is a good idea because you remove all the dry skin but non of that is true. You only damage your skin even more, so try to limit it to 3 times a month when you’re dealing with sensitive skin.


  • Bodylotion and day-and night creme
    Using a good day- and night creme for your face and bodylotion for your skin is something useful through every season. It keeps your skin hydrated. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.Take a bodylotion with you and try to hydrate your skin several times during the day. Remove your make-up thoroughly, clean your skin deeply and use cremes. If the problem stays, try petroleum jelly.


  • Skip those daily showers
    Yes, you’ve heard it. Showering too much dry’s your skin out. Try not to shower every day, if that’s not working for you, try to take short showers.


  • Drink enough water and avoid alcohol
    If you think drinking water is good for a healthy figure, then you must know that it also keeps your skin hydrated and smooth.
    On the contrary of alcohol, it is something you have to avoid. We all know that alcohol dry’s out, so you can imagine that it does a lot of damage to your skin.





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