The Shopping Pearls Of The Kempen

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For a couple of years now I’m driving back and forth, 40 minutes if traffic let me, to Antwerp and all other big cities in Belgium. To do my work and enjoy my free time.
I’m planning on moving to Antwerp City soon, yes I still don’t live there. Really funny, after all these time when I visit events or anything else, people ask me where I come from and respond really surprised. However, that is not the point.
This week I’m joining a closet sale, first of all because I really have a lot of clothes that need a new home plus I really want to treat myself on new winter items (believe it or not, even though I’m a stylist, I don’t shop every week). But it made me think that I really need to tell about a couple of good stores we have here in ‘De Kempen‘.



MOL — There are seemingly countless other online websites and stores where you can buy your sneakers. But none of them are like this one. They have so much knowledge about their collections, the latest and best trends when it comes to sneakers. Not to mention the clothing.
FYI: Check your bank account because you won’t leave without empty hands. (It happens to me too and you will continue to go back to their store for upgrades in your closet).




OUD-TURNHOUT — One of my favorite addresses. Charlotte has an incredible taste when it comes to clothing, interior and just everything.
With labels as Alix The Label, The Kooples and Just Female, she transforms her store into something totally different over and over again. You will going to find everything you want here.




BEERSE — Sometimes I think I really need to drag one of my best friends out of this store. She’s a dream for every store owner. You’re the type that likes warm company, a lot of clothes with good help and maybe a glass of champagne? Then you will love this store.




TURNHOUT — Get in line ladies because this boutique is overwhelmed with girls who like them closet full of trendy items. I love their interior plus they have really nice items.
Beside that, they organize a lot of ladies night, fashion shows and keep us busy with other creative events.




TURNHOUT — Hooreey to indepented ladies who start their own business.
I remember I helped Naomi for her first photo shoot, we were all really new to it, but we had one thing in common. We love fashion and make people happy.
A cute town that can use a store as Nuncia.




ONLINE — This beautiful woman started her own jewelry line. Everything hand made.
Keep yourself posted because there might pop something up you like.




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