The Pros And Cons Of The Low Rise Jeans

Wearing: T-shirt Another Label via Brantano — Blazer Lena Gercke via About You — Jeans Sézane — Boots Sacha Shoes — Handbag Mango
Wearing: T-shirt Another Label via Brantano — Blazer Lena Gercke via About You — Jeans Mid Waist Sézane — Boots Sacha Shoes



For the first season of 2020 we are already having a long-lasting discussion involving the low rise jeans. Do we want it to make a comeback or do we say forever goodbye to the lowrider?

The trend originated in the ’60s that has grown into his own definition over the decades. While it has its aesthetic precedents in rock ‘n’ roll, we have to give credits to Alexander McQueen and his modern craze when he introduced the ‘Bumster jeans’ after he graduated in the early ’90s. Not much later followed by Madonna who was wearing his jeans for an MTV advertisement.

These days we are discussing whether we still like this style, or we reserved a funeral for it. Does it accentuate our body in the right way, if so — for which figure?
Today we are going through the pros and cons, let’s learn something about fashion today. What do you think, do you still believe?



  • For mommies and others who have insecurities about their tummy: because of the low waist jeans the tummy or ‘mum tum’ get cuts in half which make you look longer, and takes away the focus than with mid- or high rise jeans. That doesn’t count for every figure, it’s for whoever feels good in it.


  • It accentuate your back. With a low rise jeans you create a plump and short bum, in contrast with mid- or high waist that can make your bum look long and flat. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing for everyone! Let’s argue that.Good for inverted triangle or boyish figure


  • It’s for him and her. Both genders can wear this rise. That’s how it all started. (Don’t bend down though, I know this comment belongs with the cons)


  • Do whatever you want! If you are someone who goes against pieces which are ‘in style’, just wear the low rise jeans. Search closely and you may find good bargains.



  • Not flattering for most body types. The low waist jeans just doesn’t work for a lot of body types. It accentuates your hips and waist, not in the nicest way.
    “ It is very important to figure out what rise waist works for you — if you like low rise, instead you can try an attractive mid waist.


  • Say goodbye to your high school figure. When you have a straight figure, the age where your hips and other forms have not yet been developed it works perfectly. After that — no.


  • Low rise provides less snack space. It not only provides less pocket space, it also cannot serve as extra space to transport your snacks or phone. Anyway, not convenient for those who like to travel light weighted without handbag.


  • It can be dangerous. I am afraid to say the words out loud but we warn you for bum cracks and camel toes. We don’t want that.



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