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There is a lot of going on right now in the world, people are scared and desperate looking for the right answers while staying home. Reactions are out of control, there is panic and on the other hand a lot of love.
We all have our own opinion about the virus, situation and a lot of people are speaking out loud. I just want to keep it on a positive note, and send out that message to you.

Just don’t forget to communicate with one and another, so we stay safe. Get your vitamines, so we get our economy and health soon back on track.
To continue on the positive note, I collect a list of things we can do during the period that we are going to stay home. A list with variety, that everyone can enjoy and entertains you for a couple of days/weeks combined with my personal favorites.





  • Watch your favorite tutorials: I personally adore the British artist Nikki make-up who is creating a tutorial every Sunday.
  • Youtube for the win: Watch vlogs, talk shows on repeat (Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, James Gordon).
  • Podcast time: there are a lot of inspirational podcasts. Ashley Gram with her new show and Sophia Bush. For the Belgian followers: The Kobe Show.
  • Read books: finally you get the time to catch up on some good reading. Deepen yourself into romans and four-part series of Carlos Ruiz Zafron or books that gives you self reflection and space for personal growth. Get gorgeous with Christel Vatasso en Pascal Loperena. 
  • Clean your closet: time to organize your closet, what stays and what goes? Time for reorganization. I am always open to book appointments via skype for a styling session. 
  • Create your Vinted account: for a long time you already want to sell your clothes but you didn’t find the time? This is thé moment.
  • Clean your house: dust your house and clean the items you normally won’t do as the fridge, your range hood and cutlery tray. I think you will be very happy when you’re done, personal hygiene.
  • Be creative with your hands: learn yourself how to make a work of art with embroidery. Get yourself an easy playlist in the background and make art. Support your locals! This tip comes via Jennie from the blog who orders her package by @Irisborduurt

  • Skype sessions: take the time to get in touch with friends and family who you haven’t spook for a while. Organize sessions with your girl gang to motivate each other through these times.
  • Clean your sneakers: this is finally the time that you get those sneakers back to white again. Make a soapy water to get those shoelaces dirt free again.
  • Cleaning your make-up brushes: a lot of us forget to clean our make-up brushes, that includes me too if we are being honest.
  • Spa day at home: go through your beauty products, find out what works best for your skin, take a deep look on what you at actually using. You can search for eco- and animal friendly products as solution.
  • Netflix and chill: go start or finish those series.
  • Clean your phone: for those who don’t have budget to buy those new IPhones and know the feeling when you get the notification of your phone memory being full. Clean out your photos and apps you don’t use.
  • Educate yourself: we still got the internet, educate yourself about topics that interest you, politics and science or start with an online class.
  • Learn a language: start learning a new language, French or Spanish? Or continue to grow into a language you’re already exploring. Take the dust of your old books or install a phone app.
  • Start knitting: your grandma will be proud. If you have the products go start knitting! Learning old methods is never wasted time.
  • Spotify: make different play lists for different moods. If you feel like having a night with wine or songs on the background during work? You also get the chance to discover new artists.
  • Lists, lists, lists: take a good look at every space in your house, see what you like to add or want to change. When everything is over you can safe money and re-decorate your living space!
  • Check your bags: unpack those handbags, you may be surprised what you will find!
  • Work out! A very important thing for our health. Have fun with Charlotte Crosby or Kayla. Download a work-out app. Stay productive.


  • Update your website
  • Catch up with your accountancy
  • Create a media kit, portfolio or make new business cards, brochures
  • Time to look into new projects, update your current offers


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