Spring Season Is Swimwear Season

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In the midst of current situation, most of us are enjoying the first sun rays, relaxing in a bikini, in your backyard or maybe you found a good spot in your apartment like me.
As our health, world and financial state are from interest, we are required to take a step back by mother nature.
At this moment writing this story my windows are wide open, watching the sun that has gone down. My view exists out of different kind of roofs, those that look like the ones out of the movie Step up with Channing Tatum, while staring at the pigeons that have a lot of love for each other these days.

Spring is my favorite season of the year, and my first travel was actually planned for this week. I was supposed to go to Ibiza, for the first time with my mom and sister. It has been such a long time since we traveled together.
As we see things don’t go as planned, but we are going to move this trip to another date!
I was already making my suitcase, planning looks because that’s just what I do — getting a new bikini for example.
Never did you here me say that I won’t find a solution for these kind of situations.



For those who don’t know Protest, this brand was started by a couple of surfer friends who wants to show the boarders that swimwear can be fun! And for the non boarders — giving them affordable, playful looks to have fun in the water.

*boarders: sports that includes a board




I ordered items on Protest and I received the swimwear this week, just 2 days before my ‘departure’. I choose different kind of models because I wanted to see which styles work best for my body, and how the fittings are.

I have an hourglass figure — that means my shoulders and hips are equal with a smaller waist. I have very round hips and more love at the back. My shoulders are a bit wider than average. My upper body is shorter than my legs, and I have a small bosom.
Let’s bring it on with the review and tips!

  1. The first photo of the bikini set (Ocean high cut triangel bikini — €49,99) is something I really like, also for my figure. I picked size 38M for my top and bottom and those fit very well! You can adjust the straps from the top, and the back of the bottom has an elastic that drapes the fabric in the middle that gives a lifting effect to your bum.
  2. The black underwire bikini (left): I really like this on every figure. It gives your bosom a nice shape and support. I picked the size M38 D, it fits good — the cup and size. Normally I wouldn’t go for black but I do like a classic black bikini or swimsuit.
  3. MM Pavillion (middle): This is a regular fit, I took size L40. You can combine this item with the black bikini top. This is too small for me, I personally like this style better on people with small hips because it creates a bit more shape.
  4. MM Zeedie (right): This is also a regular fit, I took size L40. This one is also too small for me. A piece like this is very cute combined with a pop of color on top or also with the black bikini top.


Buying online swimwear — it is very important to keep eye on the information, make use of the size guide and take your measurements if you are not sure because you need this, especially with swimwear. Also remember that for example French brands sizing smaller.

Before you start shopping don’t forget to use my discount code awayofdreaming10 to get a 10% discount until 30/6 and remember you can ask me anything, I am happy to help!



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