Six Things I Will Do When The Corona Measures Are Lifted

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Like everyone else, I try to keep myself entertained and busy during this situation. Even when I am alone in quarantine, I am holding up pretty well. Of course, I am already making a list of activities and plans what I want to do after the corona measures are lifted.
Beside that, there are not many days passed by where I felt lonely or bored. During these days I try to focus myself on what I can improve on the website, making photos on a daily basis for Instagram (great to learn how to make photos on your own too), creating styling mood boards etc.

Not to forget I am also focussing on myself, what I want to achieve and what I like to see different. Learning and trying to keep up with my French, reading books, cooking, and work out.
I thought I would share my list of 6 things I like to do in a short periode of time after the corona measures are lifted, because traveling is something that is on the list for sure. Do you already know what you want to do?


This is mostly known by Dutch and Belgian people, the Efteling is a big theme park with fairy tales and amazing attractions. It’s a thing my dad and I have in common, we will never get enough of this park.
What ever happens, one of the first times I can go out I will spend the night in their hotel.
C-a-n-‘t w-a-i-t.

Visiting my family and friends 
I am lucky that my mom and sister also live in Belgium, except for my dad. One of the first things I will do is drive to Holland to spend time with him.

Getting back to work
Of course, as I am trying to keep working on collaborations, from the moment it is possible I go back to my daily life where I can be busy selling clothes and organize many new styling projects. Time to be creative in a new way!

Horseback riding
I already said this for several times, I did this when I was younger for about 14 years. Spending more time in nature makes me want to go back, cuddling up with horses.

Wine and dine
I cannot wait to meet up with my friends, enjoying a good glass of wine in someone’s backyard, catching up with everyone while heating up the barbecue.

Following up by spending an evening in a good restaurant, with everything included. 

Go on a fun date
Pinterest gives you so many ideas, or watching other people on social media how they spend their time these days. Finding myself some good company to go out and do something fun!


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