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The last week of December, I’m not sure if you feel as guilty as me after all the food and drinks? Not that we have to feel guilty since this is what will happen every year. Still, I will say this every time again! (typical).
In less then a week it’s time for New Year and new resolutions. I’m wondering if you guys “work” with new resolutions or are you more the person that just takes life as it comes?

I love the Christmas days, I even went ice skating with one of my best friends! So much fun, it’s been years since I did that.
Now that they passed by I’m already looking forward to the last day of 2017. Mostly because I just love to dress myself up for this night.
Last year I went for a midi, shimmery mermaid dress of Topshop but now we going for maxi with the open back. Not to forget about a couple of good sandal heels and accessories.
Lately I’m collecting a lot of accessories of LUZ, so for this outfit I have a couple of cute little stars with diamonds in it. It’s all about the details…

For the new year I already have a lot of things in mind that I want to accomplish and I cannot wait to share these journeys with you. But first I’m posting a new article tomorrow with the high lights of my 2017 moments.


Oh! One final question… Are you NYE proof already?



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