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Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and we love to cuddle up with our blanket and a cup of tea with, not to miss, an evening with Netflix. Maybe with Ben & Jerry’s with it.
For those who may not know this, I’m a sucker for going to the movies and I’m a real binge watcher. Today I thought to take it a bit more personal, making a couple of lists with movies and series you should see on and off Netflix.
Who knows we have the same taste and you have new inspiration?


The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life. – Harland Williams



LOVE: Sometimes you need to give series with “unknown actors” a change. When you start with Love you might first wonder what you’re even looking at, but during the series you really will appreciate the characters. When a wild girl and a geek come into each other life…


QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: A Crime drama-thriller series. Teresa who is working in the streets for money laundering gets to know her drug-dealing boyfriend. Being happy in love Teresa’s boyfriend explains her everything about his dangerous life, he gives her a phone and papers, and explains if that phone ever rings, it means he’s been murdered, and she needs to run away. Until one day the phone rings and Teresa needs to flee to Mexico where a really dangerous future is waiting for her…


GILMORE GIRLS: Coffee, family and a small town called Stars Hollow. A band between mother and daughter that you will adore — daily struggles in life and love stories. Something everyone can recognize them self in.


THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: This fantasy series begins as demons coming back in the four countries, after they were banned years ago to the land of the Harbingers.
This county was lock held centuries by the old tree the Ellcrys. They journey follows the start of the young boy Will (played by Austin Butler), Amberle and Eretria who try to protect the old tree from demons have to dislodge from their country again.
– If you have fantasy and you love it, you should watch it!

GREENHOUSE ACADEMY: At first I was really skeptical about this series, to be honest I start watching it because at that moment I had no idea what to start watching.
It’s about a brother and sister who lost their mother in a rocket explosion. Eight months later they go to school where their mom was graduated, once there they join competing houses and become rivals. But need to work together when someone tries to create a deadly plot creating earthquakes for monetary gain. It has everything to do with her mother…
 Once you get into it, you’re a binge watcher, believe me. You can see two seasons and the way it ends… I’m already desperately waiting for season 3 to come out.


GIRLBOSS:Are you a fan of the brand Nasty Gal? Then you have to make sure to watch this series. It tells you from A-Z how this boss lady started from ground zero to booming business.





Peppermint: Damn Jennifer Garner, you really need to put this as your #1 favorite in your must-see movies list. In the movie they live as a happy family with not having much. Her husband makes one bad mistake for wanting to steal money from the most dangerous drug baron in America, and before she knows, she loses her whole family.
She takes revenge, taking everyone down who had something to do with the lost of her beloved once. All of that because the corrupt positions.


Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek plays the one and only legend Freddie Mercury in the biographic movie. It tells the story about how the band Queen came together, their adventures with a terrible end.
For me: the best movie of 2018.


Venom: Another Marvel movie, the first 20 minutes I was wondering if I made a bad choice because nothing happened. Let me rephrase that, I was out of breath by the end of the movie because it was hilarious.




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