My Triangl Moment at NOOZ Wellness

Every girl loves TRIANGL, we all dream we look like the beautiful lady’s on Instagram.

Maybe we don’t get the same look, but we can feel the same!
With help of the Triangl team you can find your perfect combination in swimwear.
But what did I mean with “we can feel the same“?

First, you have your beloved bikini, second: wear it for the perfect location.
I don’t mean the beach for once, but what if we want to wear our pride when it’s winter?




It made me think of things we can do during our days off or when you want to go on a date but you’re not feeling like going for diner or those typical things.
Meet wellness Nooz.
Located in the peaceful nature down in Grobbendonk. You are going to love it.
Enjoy your private time in the forest shower or a massage for two and the good thing is there is no hurry!
You can enjoy your session as long as you want, sipping wine and having conversations for hours.

Singer Natalia and Roel from Singl3s (VIJF TV) also like to come to this beautiful place.
You can imagine making pictures at this locations was pure relaxation!
Already understand why is said that you can “feel just as beautiful” like those models?
I can talk for hours about this wellness, I should probably not forget to tell you that you can stay overnight with a delicious breakfast in the morning.
I know one thing for sure, it is definetly worth the visit.
So get your Triangl out and let’s go on a date!


Photos by Irmy Coeckelbergs / Make up artist Judith van Peer

Triangl Brigitte Cotton Candy // Bracelet by Nanini accessories Turnhout


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