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You like to wear a lot of black or many colors, no matter what, accessories always work.
It makes your outfit “come alive”, you may think that sounds crazy but that’s just me, my way of thinking. I like to dress myself up, it shows my mood or it makes me feel pretty. Every day again.

Like this white linen dress I am wearing, it’s a basic item but with the right accessories it gives it a whole different meaning or vibe. I like to keep that one up to you, what do you think?
There are a lot of brands with beautiful accessories but let’s start with showing a couple of my favorites. As many of you, I’m kinda over the choker trend at the moment. I prefer to wear a tight, small statement necklace and combine that with a second one.
It works with almost every outfit. The same as the earrings, funky items are everything right now. A while ago I styled Emma Bale with a pair in star shape. For myself, I went for the heart ones. Totally adore them, for some reason I’m not really a type for big earrings, so when this pair worked on me, you can imagine I had to keep them.


Something I really like is seeing trends coming up. In a fraction of a second I see something on the internet, an old picture or passing by a shop window thinking “Oh, this is cute, this should be a trend” next thing I know I see it on the runway.
Like the bandeau’s of Atelier des Femmes, already seen on a couple of fashionista’s but also on Glennis Grace, she took the pink one. So pretty.
These items are perfect, they are not like the ones that slides of your head every 10 minutes, sorry I have to say this because we all know this normally happens (and I don’t believe anything else, okay maybe the number of minutes). Created by Floor Bos, a lady boss who is strolling around in the streets of Amsterdam.

Where to buy you ask? You can go to their website or you can buy them in one of my favorite fashion boutiques, TIEN Tilburg. (P.S. A webshop is on his way).


Earrings and necklaces – Club Manhattan
Bandeau – Atelier des Femmes
Dress – Jutka & Riska
Shoes – Unisa by Zori Shoes

Photos by Marlieke van der Veer                                                Location Sissy Boy Tilburg


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