Very Merry Black Christmas Outfit

Cheers to the first blogpost with my new hair cut!
I needed a day or two to get used to it but I am happy that I did it! Finally something new, healthy hair and my outfit photos are shot in 20 minutes haha (yes, I said that).
With bangs comes a new winter outfit.

I love black clothes like everyone else but I am the first one to say that you should try wearing other colors. Not every day can be the same since today’s outfit is all black everything except for the coat though!
A lot of people have the tendency to wear dresses to their Christmas parties, what is perfect of course! Christmas is all about dressing yourself up.

But if you aren’t into dresses or you just started to late with picking an outfit?
Trousers are totally acceptabel. I think you just need to pay attention to which fabrics you wear.
Like lace and silk, these fabrics are romantic and perfectly suitable for the Holidays. So that’s what I did!


As a lot of people around me already know, In 2017 I will make an appearance on TV.
Crazy as I am (you’re young so why not) I just said yes. When the time is right I will spell the details haha! The reason I tell you this is because I’m wearing this shoes and jeans in one of the episodes.
So when you see me on TV you can come to this post to see wear I got my clothes from! ;-).

What about you guys, looking forward to the last two weeks of December?





 Photos by Noémie Boone 

Lace top Zara / Silk top CKS / Jeans DR.Denim & Boots River Island by Zalando / Coat Max&CO by ZoWieZo / Necklace TIMI accessories & Sacha Shoes

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