How Do We Feel About Kylie Skin Care Products Coming To Europe?

This morning I was going through my e-mails, and there it was the official announcement that Kylie Skin care will be available in Holland from May 22. In December 2019 Douglas already announced that they are going to be the first one to launch these products in Europe, and here we are only one week away!
Since I am turning 27 this year, it is time to make a switch in my skincare routine. Why? Because for women, this is the most common age where their skin is changing, and clearly I am seeing some difference already.

During this quarantine one of the things that I am doing is watching YouTube videos, involving skin care. I have seen so many videos and everyone is saying something else, but after going through several accounts, I have finally found two channels that I am up for!
These skin specialists make content with good routines, reviews about brands and so many more usual tips.

The reason I wanted to talk about the Kylie Skin care products is because when these are hitting stores, everyone will buy them without even knowing what they are actually buying. With all my love, because I will definitely go check out Kylie Jenner her products and maybe buy some that I support (depending on which chemicals are in it and if it’s animal cruelty-free). Because right now I don’t think Kylie has any cruelty free products in her gamma.
Let’s be honest, first, the amount of money we need to spend on those products before we even have them in our hands, it’s more than enough.
Second, I am so happy that this is happening, because there are multiple American beauty lines that I wish they sell in Europe.

Alongside that is where I wanted to go with this article, since I have spent my time with YouTube skin care video’s, I want to share a couple of my brands that I really want to have in Europe! For those who are willing to pay the price, here you have some inspiration.

P.S. Beauty experts, if you have any tips for me of selling points closer to home, please share!


This is my number 1, for those who don’t know it Honest Beauty is created by the one and only Jessica Alba. You already think ‘another celebrity with a beauty line”, nonetheless I really wanted to figure this brand out because she doesn’t look like the other celebrities.
The prices of these products are very affordable, it is animal cruelty-free and vegan. Right upon my lane.
Beauty specialist Hyram is also reviewing her products, very learnful.


Drunk Elephant’s product are not very affordable, but a little voice in me says that I want to try them out because they should be worth their price.


We Are Wild is new on the market, all clean and cruelty free. Includes the list with ingredients that not have silicons, no parabens, no drying alcohol, no sulfates etc. plus it is affordable! To me, that is worth the try.




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