How We Can Skip The Overthinking And Get Our Night Rest

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If there is one thing we desire for, it will be a good night rest. Preferably the 8 hours they say we need to give our body the right amount of rest. The feeling of getting in between our fresh washed sheets, falling asleep right away and waking up without any difficulties.

Badly enough for a lot of people, that includes me, it doesn’t work like that. Before we fall asleep, we start worrying about things, that maybe aren’t even relative the next morning.
I bet a lot of you experienced the work- sleep , the dream where you do a double shift and you feel like you haven’t had any rest that night.

It can be anything, but it would be much appreciated if we could skip this part and find a solution for it.
The next tips are some that really work for me, and that I really need to go peacefully to bed. I do have my preferences but some can work for me like others can work for you.


  • Put a pen and notebook next to your bed. When your brain starts to overwork right before you fall asleep, it can create a lot of stress. Write everything down and overlook the list the next morning.
  • Don’t do power naps. This is very personal, some of you really can use a 15-20 min. break. Others will be wide awake before they go too bed, if that’s the case make sure to keep yourself busy: like working out.
  • Try soft, easy music. When you really cannot find inner rest, try to put on some soft, night music. This can bring your body to rest. I prefer to do this on my laptop, because somewhere in the middle of the night I unconsciously shut the screen, so it doesn’t play all night and after a while you don’t need it anymore.
  • Give yourself a small pep talk. This may sound weird at first, but when you start overthinking topics that aren’t important, or starting a to-do list of all things you still need to do. Just tell yourself that there is another day tomorrow, and you need your rest. If that doesn’t work, you go and write everything down.
  • Take a short shower before you go to bed. Go for a warm shower and put on some good, comfy pajama’s. You will enter dream land in any second.
  • Don’t eat after 21 P.M. There are many theories about food patterns, what’s best and what not to do. But if you have difficulties finding night rest, try not to eat after 9 P.M. Your body needs to digest in the night and if you had heavy diner, that can lead to unpleasant, sleepless nights.


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