How To Create Your Ideal Closet

Moving in my new apartment in Antwerp, gives me space to get a breath of fresh air in my interior. Time to get rid of items that I’m not convinced off, finding out what I still need and how I want to create my ideal closet.

You have the feeling that your closet is always a mess, that you don’t know what’s all in there? Not to mention that every day is a struggle, not knowing what to wear today?
Then you will enjoy these four tips! The start of a new closet era.


1. Consider your collection
Go over the items you have in your closet. How many items you have, which ones are the most accessible and the ones that you don’t need any longer.
You can donate those pieces — with these elements you get a custom sized closet.


2. Create space for your accessoires
Shoes and bags aren’t easy to store, they have different sizes and forms you have to take into account. Luckily you have different, budget friendly ways to create this.

You can buy an extra shoe closet, if you have space for that.
If you don’t have enough budget or space, you can create extra room with shells. Depending on the size of your closet, you can place them at the bottom or at the side of the furniture.

The same for your bags — work with nails and place them on the side of your furniture or in the closet itself.
In that way you can hang your items just the way you want too.


3. Keep on renovating
Own a couple of statement pieces that gives your closet personality but keep in mind that you need items that connect the dots. How else are you going to combine those statement pieces?
So while you’re shopping and you find yourself an item that you like, try to imagine how you can combine them with the ones you have already in your closet.

Try to fill the whole in your closet. I am someone who grab every time again for blazers or shoes, but during shopping sessions I am trying to focus myself on the items I still need, so I can make a couple of looks with the items I have back home in my closet.


4. Stay tidy even when you don’t feel like it
Actually the number one rule you need to stick too. Whatever fashion crisis you are going through, stay tidy.
When getting of your outfit at the end of the day, put them right away on coat rack — don’t put them right away in your closet, but let it airing — and put them properly back in your closet.

You can sort your closet in two ways. You can organize it by style — blazers, shirts, … — or by color.
Doing it by color make the overview better and easier to see what you have.



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