How To Clean Your Closet: Steps You Can Follow

Staying inside our homes for the first week in Belgium made us almost forgot it is officially Spring. At the current state of affairs people are starting to search ways to stay busy, instead enjoying the first sun rays outside.
One of the first thing people do is cleaning out their closet, as I received several questions about this already.
As the news say that we are going to stay inside for a while, I thought I could share some of my styling tips — on how to clean your closet.

Normally I could join you on this — on a personal styling session but don’t forget we are picking this up right after the storm has died down.
I say this because I know that cleaning out your closet by yourself can be challenging — at one point you love all your pieces and having difficulties to take distance from some of them.



I am going to explain it in a very easy and short version so it keeps your interest and you can start right away.

Divide your clothes in three piles:
1. The pile with clothing that has unremovable stains, wholes and the clothing that don’t fit you
2. Your current wardrobe (and remember that does not include everything)
3. The doubters

Get rid off all the items that have wholes, stains or discoloration. These items don’t add anything to your wardrobe, it just doesn’t look good. The clothes that don’t fit you — what I mean with that is that we have the habit to safe clothing items we really like but don’t fit.
We do believe if we go to the gym or going on a diet will solve this problem, and we fit in again some day.

Side note: this is actually demotivating you while you are working on your health.
You need to look forward and not looking back. Using those items as a motivation to lose weight, it will upset you when you try them on again on the point you think you are ready for it.

Just sell them via an app, give them to charity or friends. You are beautiful as you are, and once your mind and soul are in the same place you need to focus on a wardrobe that goes with it!

Make a selection on your key items and the ones you wear daily. Basic items as a blazer, a good pair of denim jeans, little black dress, T-shirts, white blouse etc.
Including keeping color in your closet, do not only stay with black. There are many other colors that look great on you.

The doubters: here is where the challenge starts. Be real to yourself — say goodbye to items with the wrong print that doesn’t flatter your figure. Same for items that are too small or too big.
The ‘I only wore this one time’ items — see if they fit your current style and selection because otherwise you will stick to that one time.
It’s the same story for items with the price tag still on it! Give yourself the task to make 2 – 3 different looks with this piece, otherwise the price tag stays attached.
Oh and also guys, tone down the inner childhood feelings. There is nothing wrong with keeping one or several items of the time you were -16 years old, but it only takes space and you have memories by photos. Remember owning less is better than organizing more.


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