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Málaga city

Hi guys,

By the time you read this I probably on my way to the beach in Malaga.
I caught up with my international friends for two days that I haven’t seen for a couple of years!
Enjoying the weather, culture and time together. We stayed in Cordoba and everyone left me behind today… So I will amuse myself and stay in the city of Malaga for 3 more days. What a life right!

People always ask me how I travel with a small budget and what I bring with me. I only travel with handlugage if I’m only away for a couple of days so…
There are a couple of items that I cannot miss in my wash bag and during my holiday. Protection is much needed and I don’t want my skin or hair to dry out!
Find out what I took with me to Spain for this weekend.


My bathroom is full of skin care products but there are a few of them that I cannot miss during a holiday.
It is so important to feed your skin well and protect if for the 36 degrees sun.
Of course it is really important to clean your skin. To start my day I use an oil from Kiehl’s and I’m using this incredible make-up remover from Corine de Farme and the Midnight recover botanical cleaning oil of Kiehl’s.



Every girl loves to have thick, healthy locks. Some of them are pretty lucky that don’t need much to keep their hair healthy. The other ladies aren’t always that fortune or they like to change their hairstyle or color once in a while.
The thing I cannot live without is my Marrocan oil, after a day on the beach, when I washed my hair of when my hair just needs a boost.
My protection cream of Kératise and my dry shampoo of L’oreal, those 3 things are not the be missed in my wash bag!



If we want to grow old and beautiful we have to be kind for our skin!
Everyone always say: “No, protection 50 is way to high, you won’t get a tan”, well I prefer to use this since my skin isn’t used to that amount of sun in so little time.
Currently I am obsessed by the products of the “Ritual of Karma” line by Rituals. It smells so good and it isn’t a sticky cream.
Never forget that you cannot bring bottles more then 100 ml in your handlugage.

It would be said if you have to leave your stuff behind, where to find it? Kruidvat has a whole section for travellers!



We all love a good smell. For the sunny days I’m wearing the new parfume of Agent Provocateur, a fresh smell that is perfect to wear during day and night.
For my get aways I love to wear body mist, after a day at the beach and you’re ready for diner. Hmmm.. it gives you that little extra holiday feeling and a romantic touch. Off course I’m wearing the new body mist of Rituals “Ritual of Karma” line.


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