Find Your Way To Success With A Good Morning Routine


Mornings are precious, before you start your busy day heading into the noisy world. Those silent moments are sacred, and we do believe that your mornings decide a lot about what your day will become.
If you listen to interviews, you hear successful women talking about their morning routines and what helps them to start their day efficient and in calmness.
Time to set your alarm because it’s time to discover which routine fits best for you.




1. Yoga or meditation
If we need to believe Noah Centineo it’s worth the try to take some time to our self for a short yoga session or to take 15 til 20 minutes time for meditation.
Not watching your phone the minute you wake up, but starting your day with some rest and appreciation.


2. Face mask and some “me” time
According to Victoria Beckham this is the best way to wake up and to start your day. She gets up a half an hour before the rest of the house awakes to shower, cleaning her face, checking her e-mails with a good breakfast aside; tea followed by a cup of coffee and fruit.


3. Exercise
Instead of getting your cup of coffee right away or to check your e-mails and smartphone, some women love to exercise in the beginning of the day.
It gives enough energy to run through your busy day filled with appointments.
For those who don’t feel like running for 30 minutes or play tennis at 05.45 like Anna Wintour, you have the free app called “7 Minutes Work Out”— 12 work outs and only 7 minutes of your life.

4. Breakfast time
It’s good to wake up 30 minutes earlier to take your time for breakfast. People said it many times already but you will notice that you when you take your time you won’t start your day in a hurry.


5. Wardrobe decisions
Forget breakfast, forget “me” time. Your someone who skips that part of the day.
Another way to start your day is to take your time to make ward robe decisions and get as much as coffee as you can get.



6. Lukewarm water with lemon juice
This is a really common way to start your morning. Something I do every morning.
Two good reasons to drink this is because: as a rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice protects the body from Immune system deficiencies. Plus with it’s powerful antibacterial properties, lemon juice helps fight infections.




Psst.. Do you follow me?

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