Fashion Girls Love This Hairtrend – Create This Look In These 6 Steps

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Fashion Girls Love This Hairtrend – 6 Steps That Show Us How To Create It Ourself

‘I don’t want to do something new with my hair’  said no one ever. We can’t get enough of the street style inspiration that the fashion weeks has giving us the last month. Fashionista’s embrace us with new ideas, not to mention the models on the runway who are going for new, fresh hair colors.

As we always talk about these kinds of topics, you know we like to translate it to something we can create our self and where aren’t a make-up and hair artist need to stand-by.
The hair braid is almost an iconic hair style, and we still adore it. To make it more fashion-forward we give this effortlessly look a little twist.
This way you can wear this hair style to different kind of occasions! It is all we need this fall.


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Photo by Jamie Stevens – Model Lisan Pruyn – Hmua Fanny Bibaer –  Styling by Kiki Vogels


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