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Goodmorning guys, time for some charming photos today! Right… Every women finds it important to look beautiful and everyone has his own rituals.

One of the things on my list is going to the beautician.
I hate it when my eyebrows are living their own way and not even look closely like the eyebrows of Jessica Alba.

This time I tried sometihing else!
Normally my eyebrows get waxed and I use a pencil to color them but I thought it was time for a new technique!

This technique called ‘Threading‘, originating in the East but it starts to get upcoming in the Western.

They use a thin thread doubled and then twisted.
With other words, you have the shape more under control then when you wax your eyebrows.
It is more friendly for your skin since you don’t pull your skin.
To be honest, it is a little bit painful but it doesn’t involve rash, what happens to me sometimes when I get my eyebrows waxed.

 A tip for those: when you have light eyebrows you can dye them, the only thing you have to do is finsih them with eyebrow powder, pencil or gel (recommander: Anastacia Bevery Hills).
How do I all know this? Because my friend (Make up artist and hair stylist) Mandy Momand did my treatment.


This is how it goes:
1. BEFORE (with no make-up)
2. AFTER the threading
3. Dye time
4.RESULT with eyebrow powder

Here fore Mandy used “DARK BROWN” by Anastacia Beverly Hills

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