Daily Routine With a Smart Brabus


Last week I got the lucky chance to test and drive a Smart Brabus for 3 days. I’m going to be honest, when you saw these cars 10 years ago some of you (like me) would think to themself “Oh boy, would you ever drive that?”.
Well I need to reconsider my opinion because I’m in love!

Last sunny week it was my time to enjoy this new model for a couple of days. All I can tell is that this thing is f-a-s-t. Good to know right?


What I like so much about this car is that he is practical and not to big. I drive a lot around in the city for my styling projects and driving a cabrio isn’t always that handy!
Instead of taking this red devil on a city trip I decided to take it with me in a daily routine. Just to see how easy it can make my life driving a car that suits me.
I made a little vlog (in Dutch, sorry for some of you!) where I’m telling you about the most of the things that I had to do last week. Just a little sneak peek in my daily life.


kiki vogels

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