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It’s been a while since I stepped into an airplane, but it finally happened again last month. I got the chance to attend a traditional Spanish wedding in Córdoba, from one of my Spanish girl friends. All I can tell is that it was a magical moment and I’m so grateful that I got the chance to attend to the connection of this love story.

Córdoba is located in the south of Spain, to get there you have to fly to Madrid or Malaga and take a train from there (tips will follow at the end of the post). Since it was a very short trip, from only 3 days, I wanted to return to Malaga to enjoy this amazing city as long as I could. However, the weather wasn’t at my side but who cares as long you get to chance to travel?

Like always, the hotspots that I’m talking about, involves food and drinks.
You have to know that my trips aren’t always that long, so I try to tell you about the things that I actually visited myself. Malaga has so much to offer with hiking, biking and beautiful views you need to see, but for now I am talking food.
Hopefully I will amplify this post near the future with new tips, that’s why we called it extra.

Enough talking, let’s dig in!





When visiting Malaga you have to go to this place, I recommend breakfast time.
Noviembre Health & Food is located at the corner of a street, so you have a good view to start with. More important they are very involved with organic, ecological and healthy products. From the food they prepare to napkins.
Calle Álamos, 18, 29008 Málaga





To be honest, I didn’t make the best choice for food plus the location isn’t that spectacular but let’s end here on a good note. Their coffees are delicious, beside bagels they have a lot of sweetness and other good looking dishes. I just don’t recommend the bagel with salmon. Beside that I enjoyed a lovely cappuccino with cinnamon, yum!


La Bella Julietta
Calle Puerta del Mar, 20, 29005 Málaga





A small place where students work on their laptops enjoying a smoothie or juice. Only for the staff, I would already come here, they are really friendly and social.


El Ultimo Mono Juice & Coffee
Calle Sta. María, 9, 29015 Málaga






This place is very popular, the locals are in line to get their products and a good sandwich. Easy on the go.


Calle Deanes, 17, 14003 Córdoba





I will come back for this place, they have a really cozy interior. It’s not big but it’s located close to must see places plus the food looks delicious. Take your time to tapas and a glass of wine or beer.


Calle Velázquez Bosco, 7, 14003 Córdoba




Callejas de las floras

Callejas de las Floras is a part of the historic center of Córdoba, also one of the most touristic places. Around this street you will find monumental buildings and a beautiful square. It is also close to El Abanico.




I hope you enjoy my tips, I will go back in time to discover more places. These cities are wonderful and really worth a trip. Before we leave, here is one tip:


If you decides to travel around in Spain without car, which is very easy, use this website to buy your train tickets.



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