7 Fun Cat Gifts To Give To The Moms On Christmas

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You almost cannot turn your head right or left, or one of your friends has a cat as pet. I always try to base my articles on subjects that comes to mind, or that happen to me or around me in daily life. So this was something I could not pass, especially not in December when we — admit it or not — are already very busy with Christmas presents.

I believe 75% of my friends owns a cat, how much as an animal lover I am, unfortunately cats are somewhere on the bottom of that list. I don’t dislike them, but I am incredibly allergic for them.
With that said — according to my latest sources, 58% of the Belgian households owns a cat. That is one of four and 2,2 million cats in total.

With Taylor Swift as our spirit mom — these next gifts are perfect to give to cat lovers.
Remember people — if you think you are ready for an animal, make sure you go through everything before you step into this new lifestyle.
More important, take a look at all the animals in shelters because they deserve as much love and are waiting for a new, loving home.


7 Fun Cat Gifts To Give To The Moms On Christmas


Spoil your little one with this original cat pod. Perfect with your bohemian interior.

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Cat collar in every possible way!

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Find the way to your animals heart with this guide how to get a happy cat


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Kat Spade via Zalando

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