7 Days As Selena Gomez


Social pressure, perfection, people’s opinion, these are one of the many things that we have to deal with these days.
We already struggle with it in our daily life, let alone what this feels like for celebrities and famous people.
That’s when I came up with this idea. 7 days as Selena Gomez.
Insta-queen, singer, actrice, people lover and she might be the next American honey (Sorry Jeniffer Aniston).

She made success, works hard and she had a lot to handle but behind those curtains she was also dealing with a disease that few prevents; lupus.
I find these things quite interesting, how people think, that we actually all have an opinion ready before we know the real story or have the right details.
That we are so busy with others and that we don’t even think for a second about the consequences. Noticing that this actually isn’t our situation or problem.
That’s why I copied, for one week, 7 photos of Miss Gomez.
Curious as I am, wondering how people would react of these photos on my Instagram feed.





As a blogger, your followers want to see new things, things they can learn about, dream about and can relate to!
That’s why they follow you, you inspire them. But when their reach grows it seems that it doesn’t matter that much anymore.
When your reach less people, it isn’t that interesting because you aren’t an “important” person just yet, so it matters less what you do or what you post because well, you don’t have …K followers.
But before we continue, I am glad that there are also many groups of people that see through that and genuinely follow you because they see your potential, that you can inspire them to do better, try to find out which talents they have and that they just honestly like your work.

With that said, we can continue 😉



Day 3, hello skin!
I personally like this picture, it is OK to show of your feminine curves, it’s not that we stay young forever.
Everyone has his insecurities, so shine in the way you feel comfortable with.
The fun thing about this photo is, likes, is it because I showing off more or because they think it is a good photo?
One of the many things that went through my mind.

Wearing: sunglasses Sacha Shoes / Blazer Twin Set





This photo was so much fun! But even though it looks easy to do, it was a hard challenge to create that perfect shot!

Wearing: Shirt Lee Cooper / Boots Steve Madden / Sunglasses SmokexMirrors




So what did I learned from this experience?
The comments where really kind and generous, really positive but that the industry is pretty harsh, if you make the wrong decision, you’ll immediately feel it.
Judgement never sleeps, not even for little things like that!
I lost followers, which isn’t positive but in one way or another it kind of is positive?
Because I didn’t show my own work which made people not interested anymore.
A true lesson: it is so important to stay true to your own work because if you are truly passionate about the things you do, you will make success. Maybe it takes a while but by making the right choices you will be perfectly fine for the long run.

I learned that it can be scary to do the things you want to.
For example, this article, I wanted to do this as a blogger, going back to the basics where bloggers talked about their thoughts on their website and it wasn’t all alone about the looks and clothing, because in this time even though it isn’t our ‘department’ we care about all those things and we act like that, just to reach more followers. So you diverge for what you stand.
Don’t get me wrong, I l o v e and almost breath fashion, but I also love posting about feelings and how people think about themselves and about actions and words.
I learned that the Selenators are really die hard but loving fans. I wanted to try this little project so I could be creative with other people.
So a big thank you to MUA Joke van de Water & Photographer Emmelie Staps
I wandering what you guys think about the photos and words? Let me know in a comment below!


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