5 Tips For Long-Lasting Lipstick

When it comes to beauty trends, we ladies have a lot to work with. The archive continues to be updated with new products, make-up creations and colors.
It’s so much fun to try out new things but still we stay a little bit true to the classics.

One of them is lipstick, of course I’m talking about this one!
I think we can call it a “Love-Hate relationship” right? It’s makes us feel beautiful, gives us that special touch and it fits amazing with our outfits.
It’s interesting and everything, the things that I’m saying, but I guess we’ve all been in a different place…
When you finished your make-up and want to finish with red lips but it ends up everywhere on your face, or you have chapped lips so it looks terrible and of course when you take a sip of your drink and take a bit of your food and your lips are ruined. Recognize one of those things? Great, me too!

I’m a huge fan of lipstick and I experienced it all. So here are a couple of tips that works for me and I think you can find your answers here below.

As you can see, I use mine a lot.


1. Scrub
It is very important to start with clean lips. Remove make-up remnants and scrub your lips. You can do this with moist washcloth but I prefer a lipscrub. I’m using the one from LUSH, it’s with natural ingredients and it will last a long time.


2. Lip care
When you scrubbed your lips it’s always good to moisturize them, they say it’s not necessary when you use a scrub but it works for me! At the moment I’m using the one from MAC “Lip conditioner hydratant pour les levres”.


3. Lip liner
It’s always a good idea to use a lip liner. When you buy a lipstick you can ask if they also have a lip liner in the same color. In that way you avoid that your lipstick is all over the places after 30 minutes.
Draw the lines of your lips and color your lips, after that you apply a thin layer of lipstick.

When they don’t have lip liner in the color of your lipstick you can always go for a transparent lip liner.


4. Lip brush
I always prefer to use a little brush to apply my lipstick. It’s more hygienic and you don’t put to much lipstick on, which is important because when you apply a thick layer the lipstick won’t last longer.


5. Tissue
The final touch. Touch your lips lightly on a tissue after applying the coat. This removes excess lipstick, causing the color to wipe the lipstick from your lips less quickly.

Of course when you had dinner or a night out it will happen that you have to do a touch up. So don’t forget to bring your lipstick and liner in your handbag. 


Psst.. Do you follow me?

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