5 Reasons To Go From A Long To A Short Haircut This Season



While we have enough time to spend on self-care, social distancing is not only playing his toll on us but also on our hair and skin.
The internet is telling us how to cut our own hair, TikTok has a trending topic for women who are also shaving everything off. If you are not into that, let us give you 6 tips why it is fun to make the switch from long to short hair when all this is over.

As a lot of online platforms engage to these topics, I am thinking it’s not a bad idea to think things through.
We’re telling each other that it’s so good that nature gets a chance to recover, but why aren’t we giving our hair a break?
As we have rules too follow we are not allowed to see a lot of people, so for who are we doing it actually? Because those who will see you see, will take you for you however you may look like.

If you have beautiful, healthy hair, before you get any ideas contact a hairdresser online to ask his opinion and perhaps a couple of interesting tips. You don’t want to regret anything later on.
With that said, instead of cutting our own hair maybe we can invest our time in research on a new hair look.

When the time is right we can invest and support hairdressers, and showing it out in the public right away!



#1. Freedom! Having a hard time during these days or you are done with certain situations, getting a completely new haircut sets you free and you can start a new chapter with a fresh look.

#2. Less work. Are you tired of getting the tangles out of your hair every day? Getting a short haircut will save you time and less work.

#3. Healthy. Your hair changes over the years and we are all known with dry and dead hair ends. Getting a good cut gives your hair the change to recover, with the right products it will get back his shine.

#4. Get rid of the extensions. Never have we ever heard someone say that extensions are healthy for our hair. In some situations we do need them, but giving yourself a new look gives it a chance to strengthen.

#5. Shape of your face. Hairdressers are like beauty gods, when you walk into their studio they know what they want to do with your hair. Getting a short hair cut means it compliments your face in way you didn’t even know! The length of your hair has a lot to do with the way it emphasizes the shape of your face.


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