4 Important Beauty Products

None of us are immune to the song of miracle products.

Some of us just love expensive beauty products, doing everything in their power to fund them, but deep down inside we all know that this is just a hype, a marketing stunt.

So here are 4 alternatives, products that I personall adore and cannot miss in my daily life, that are effective yet budget friendly. Here are the results.

       Moroccan Oil

Argan Oil, the marquee ingredient in Moroccan Oil, is expensive; however, it also comprises just a small percentage of the commercial product and is not what actually makes it effective.
This super-cheap drugstore product is a perfect alternative for Argan Oil, that gives perfect result.
Smooth, shiny hair that looks healthy even when you’re in need of a haircut.

Moroccanoil® Treatment, Moroccanoil €16,90/ 25 ml


Anna is clear

We tried everything to get rid of the negative side of our puberty. The red spots and all the things that are happening in our face.
Anna is clear is the perfect remedy.
Add this product three times a day on your spots and your skin will be smooth again in no-time!
Available in all pharmacies
Anna is Clear® 24/7 EMERGENCY roll-on €24,95


Lush Lipscrub

These scrub will repair your dry lips..
With natural ingredients and not tested on animals, these scrubs are delicious.
Not even joking, scrub your lips and you can eat the rest. That’s just how Lush works.

Bubblegum lipscrub €9,65/25g


Bobbi Brown Lip care

 Lips are one of the most important things, everyone looks at it. Not only for them but also for yourself, it’s the best to treat them with love.
Bobbi Brown has a new beauty lip care line that repair your lips and they bring up your natural liptint.
Great to use after your Lush lip scrub. 

Bobbi Brown Lip balm €19,07


Psst.. Do you follow me?

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