These Are 2 Of My Wearable Trends This Spring


Counting down the last days of the sales period, I’m not really someone who buys a lot during these weeks. Although it’s a great opportunity to buy pieces from designers or brands that are normally a bit to expensive.
I’m more the type of person that just falls for the new collection… you might be familiar with that situation? It happens every time!

So theres a list of new trends for this year: green items, embroidery, the comeback of needle heels, ankle boots, …
Even when I’m a shoe addict, alternating between sneakers and heels I am a ankle boots lover.
Nothing better then kicking of the new season with silver ’70s boots!
But that isn’t the only thing that I gave myself this season, Zalando gave me this beautiful back pag as a Christmas present, they know me well!



A white blouse is an item that you need in your wardrobe. The one that I am wearing isn’t just a white blouse. This one is a limited one of Johny Be Good.
“‘she is lovesick, and there is no cure but to fall in love again. she begs of you Johny, be good'”  This brand with his tattood shirts is making his way into fashion world.


For those who are seeking for inspiration, watch old movies. Trends always find their way back and there where a lot of fashion icons in the early days.
My favorites are Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Carrie Diaries.
Do you know The Carrie Diaries? It’s the forerunner of Sex and The City. You will love it! It’s all about fashion and having your own style, perfect series to find inspiration.

Which movies or series are you watching to find inspiration?

Photos by Emmelie Staps


Top   Johny Be Good
Jeans    Seven for AllMankind
Leather   Jacket Sienna Goodies
Boots     Sacha Shoes
Back pag     Topshop by Zalando 

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