12 Affordable Dresses That You Can Continue Wearing After A Wedding

No one would’ve predicted that 2020 turned out to be the year were we needed to clear our agenda’s. Weddings are cancelled, outfits kept on their coat rack because when do you wear it?  This year is the year that we reconsider our steps, think twice before we buy something except for when we want to support the locals, and we are more ecologically aware. Something we actually always should take into account.

Me as a stylist, people always think I have a dream closet packed full of clothes and accountable sets. I have to disappoint you because shopping for my customers feels like a natural flow but when it comes to myself…
I am very picky with the items that I add to my closet, I prefer quality over quantity — I love to challenge myself to style 1 piece in different kind of ways, combining that with organic items.

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This year people will still get married, maybe not in the way they dreamed off, but they are making it come true. As a guest finding the right dress to wear is not easy, at all. Finding a dress during this epidemic makes it even more tricky. Talking about making smarter choices, we made a list of 12 affordable dresses that are perfect to wear to a wedding and also easy to continue wearing afterwards.

Just never forget that your clothing don’t have to be expensive to look good! One of the things you should pay attention too are the fabrics because that will do a lot for your looks.


Styling tips 

1) The dresses of H&M are lovely combined with boots underneath it — with the floral dress go for white or candy pink boots.

2) Use accessories: wear a beautiful silky headband with the romantic or plain dresses to give it that extra touch, or golden accessories if you are more into that.

3) You can combine strap dresses perfect with a white or colorful T-shirt, if you dare you will look great combining it with a blouse underneath it and sneakers. You will create a totally different look with the same dress.

4) Dare yourself to dress less basic! Put on that beautiful dress for a date night or look extra on a daily basis. Dress for yourself and others, but mostly for yourself!


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