10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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Everyone’s life is made out of moments, literally speaking. It made me think about the things I have done and the things that I still want to achieve.
I am someone who can tell stories on and on, but somehow not all of them ending up on this website or other social channels. Maybe I need to start my own show ;-).

I’m kidding  but it reminded me of an article that I have wrote a couple of years ago. 10 things you didn’t know about me. Anno 2019 we all live on the internet, everyone is good in something and things are more and more same alike. I am still very basic in that field, I like to keep things honest and close to myself. That’s why I wanted to renew this blog post and to tell something more about the person behind this website. I’m curious if you recognize yourself in some of these!


The Girl Behind The Stories


 1. I am a cheese lover
This is actually not a secret anymore. If you see a cheese-post on Facebook, you will find my name tagged.


2. I hate it when people leave the light on in unused rooms
I am sure that there are still many things that I can change to live more eco-friendly. I try my best already, but there is one thing that irritates me and that is when people leave the lights on.
I mean, why would you leave the lights on in a room you’re not using?


3. I love reading books
When I was a kid all I did was spending my time between horses, but there was one thing that caught my attention after a while. Books. I drove on my bike to the library to get new examples of Carrie Slee, Dirk Bracke and of course information books about horses.

Meanwhile, I haven’t lost this interest. Right now the series of books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is waiting for me to be read.


4. “Overthinker”
I am not sure how this sounds, I do know that I am still a normal person but deep down the machine runs overtime. If someone acts like they do “what is the reason they act like this” or if I have seen a movie that comes very close to reality “How is it going to be in the future, is this future we are looking at?” but also when it comes to my own acts and steps. “Should I have react differently, would it look different then?”
Luckily it is something that cools down getting older.


5. Me, myself and lyrics
Singing along with the music, who doesn’t do that? I love R&B but I also can enjoy Frank Sinatra. I admit that I love singing along with the rap music of Lil’Wayne, Nicki Minaj and I am doing my damn best to know all lyrics.


6. Sometimes I wish that my car was like Bumblebee from Transformers
This is probably I should keep to myself but one, I love these movies and two how cool would it be? Be honest, you also thought about it before?


7. Movies, movies, movies
I love going to the movies, I am actually considering on getting myself a subscription. 


8. I’m the worst ‘funny-story’ teller.
I am one of those people, not with all stories — more the ‘I have seen a video before I went to sleep’ — who start laughing at their own funny stories, so when the moment you get a grip and you want to tell the story, nobody is interested anymore.
I am trying to change.


9. I am the worst in traffic
No worries, I drive save. But people really can get on my nerves, I mean, is it so difficult to drive according to the rules.


10. I was a bartender
From the age 15 I started with making ice cream coupes, served food, followed by working in a tapas bar and in night life.
I learned a lot — what hard working is, how to communicate with people, how to be respectful and it brought a dosis of human knowledge with it.


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