10 Gifts For The Stylish Friend Who Already Has Everything


December is¬†almost entered ‚ÄĒ and that means we have some serious thinking to do about Christmas presents already. We prefer to start on¬†time, so¬†we don’t end up in a time crunch.
Especially with that one friend, the friend that make our life almost practical impossible.
The friend that already has everything, a closet full of trendy clothes, the latest new handbags, not to mention the beauty products that the magazines recommend us.

We have two options here: either you go full-on luxury mode or you can take the creative road.
Find yourself a jump-off point, what are her personal interests? Are there any kind of interest she has that she wants to grow? If she loves animals, find her a foundation that love to get some help for a day. Is she is growing being a style influencer? Give her a photo shoot with a photographer to upgrade her Instagram.

The next ideas¬†flow¬†out of what I see daily passing by on Facebook, thanks to my friends and conversations ‚ÄĒ To inspire you further I created a list with creative ideas to give and make your people happy with.


She likes to travel


If she likes to travel, she can get a lot out of an Air bnb gift card. Although I find out these are only available in the USA, you still can create a do-it-yourself card where you add the money. If you’re not a proponent of it, you can communicate and book or give the money when she’s planning a trip.




Surprise her with a suprise.me ticket ‚ÄĒ with a destination unknown she gets details only 24 hours in advance. Solo or with a partner, this is a great adventure.





Is she a real art lover ‚ÄĒ buy her tour tickets of a museum. There are plenty of beautiful addresses in Hasselt, Antwerp, Amsterdam, France, Italy.

Fondation Louis Vuitton Fashion Museum





Buy her a cool print of one of her favorite photographers. Lately photographers making prints out of their photos in many ways. My personal favorites?
– Vivian Hoorn (Dutch)
РEmma Peijenburgs (Dutch)
– Lena Sorie (Spanish)


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my endless love for vintage mercedes.

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Remember what I said earlier about the stylish influencer? Book her a session with a street style photographer or the style you like. It will save her money, she gets a lot of help and views and that thanks to all your gift!

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And then the snow came.

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You are allowed to give your friend shoes, even if she has a closet full. You can choose a pair of shoes, you explain your ideas, and they send you a digital design. We know the story as it goes further.





At first is may sound weird but you make book lovers really happy with this. During the December month, when it’s early dark and cold. There is nothing¬†better than¬†a room¬†full of¬†candles, a blanket, tea with no TV on and a good book.




Ready to celebrate your girl’s birthday? Or you just want to threat her with a relaxing moment after she had a couple of busy week then you should hook her up with a good hair stylist.
For a hair treatment, a new style or color? You can go all the way depending on your budget.




There are a lot of animals that can use our help, luckily there are plenty of foundations but also zoo’s (read: there are a lot of places that give animals a second home¬†where¬†they are loved and gifted with a second chance) that get up every morning to take care of all the animals. There are many¬†zoos¬†and shelters that have¬†programs, or¬†they¬†voluntary¬†can use your help!





There are a lot of people who don’t need presents or more luxury. Instead of spending your money on presents you can¬†fund¬†your money to a project she finds personally important. Option two is that you start a funding in her name ‚ÄĒ like¬†Ashton¬†Kutcher¬†did for Ellen¬†Degeneres!



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