Zalando Creative Icon: my way of dreaming

It’s sunday funday guys, as some of you know I participated with the Zalando Blogger Awards last year ’15.
This year they made the chance to Zalando Style Icons, where my friends are rocking their spot the become a style icon.
But there is also the category creative content icon and that’s where I come in!
This year we have to create something original and make it our own so recently I worked together with film maker Thijs Koevoet, creating something that fits right into the “A WAY OF DREAMING” avenue.

This video shows who I am as a person, my vibe, my interests.
It’s not about the clothes and make up, but with this video I want to welcome you in my (fashion) world, giving you a feeling.
From there on it’s up to you, are you ready and exciting to follow me on my journey?


kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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