When clothes meets confidence

He is back! We’re taking it to the next level. From a Freddy pants to an overall.
If you want to feel sexy and sporty at the same time: you may be, probably, looking at your next purchase.
It’s been a couple of days on my mind: How to feel sexy without showing to much nude?


 We like to stay classy, in time it won’t harm no one to show off our curves, but take a moment to think about this.
Sometimes we look in the mirror thinking “Oh, it’s Tuesday. I just have to go to work, who cares what I look like”. Well… you are wrong.
Since a couple of weeks I am trying to put (even) more effort in my outfits and make-up.
Why should we only make ourself “pretty” when we’re going out?
You might not notice it right away but at the end you will feel so much happier and satisfied with yourself.
It can take one compliment or just one look from that cute guy.


With that said, I get that good feeling when I’m wearing my Freddy Pants.
It scared me in the beginning, I mean it’s tight and you can see e v e r y t h i n g.
You know what? I stepped off that thought because we’re young and we should be proud of our body’s, every single day.

You see so much more of your own body while there is a big chance other people won’t share that opinion and only think you look pretty!
Who thought clothes can be a life lesson?
So girls, are you ready to feel beautiful? You can find the Freddy Pants Room in the Nationalestraat, Antwerp.

Let me know what you think about it! Let go… #100daysofhappiness


Photos by Caroline VandenBorne Photography

Overall Freddy Pant Room // Crop top Zara // Clutch Pieces // Sneakers Nike

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