What Is It About That Sweater?

Sweater weather, as everyone calls it. To be honest I really don’t like that expression, don’t ask my why.
At the end of the day, I need to shut my mouth because I kind of said the same thing about my new sweater.
Yes, totally did that… I remember the first time I saw all those sweaters with the crazy sleeves, everyone has there own taste and I didn’t felt it.
Until last week, I was looking for something comfortable, normally I’m not really a sweater type but well taste can change right?

And all of a sudden I saw this cute sweater with his pink sleeves.
Maybe because it is a little in between the outrageous and something basic?
Like I said, style and opinions can change! So that’s what happend with this item.

img_2What better then combining this sweater with great items of ALIX THE LABEL?
Lucky me, there is this great concept store in my street, maybe you remember it from my Zalando beach wear post?
Charles Concept Store, shame on my, there will be a blogpost coming up! She has amazing brands like Alix the Label and The Kooples.
So this is one of my daily, easier looks when I just feel like getting some clothes on but still keeping it interesting with details!

What do you think about all the fluffy clothing?


Sweater: Studio IT
Trousers: Alix the Label
Lipstick: Yves Rocher



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