What Are You So #WANGRY About?

Helloooo Fridayyy, not so sure why I’m being all happy about it since I need to work tomorrow morning. While I’m writing this, it’s one of my last work days at Sacha Shoes, for those who didn’t know I work as a parttimer in this store but unfortunately this store is closing his doors. No worries, I love new adventures so time to start a new one!

Right now I’m keeping the idea in the back of my mind to go abroad for maybe 2 months, it’s an idea that I like to work towards to. At the moment, I have no clue what will come on my path so I kind of looking forward to it. Beside that with all those fun city trips and meeting new people it’s a great year so far.



When I was in Budapest I didn’t really posted much since we we’re with a group of 17 people and although we’re all friends, working and spending time together, you’re always busy with your own life and things. So this was this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other without a phone, let alone that the WiFi wasn’t to great though.

Sometimes I just need a little break from social media because it doesn’t feel good anymore. Personally I put a lot of love and energy in the blogposts I write, I like to entertain people but I also want to bring a message or telling people things that they didn’t know much about or even didn’t know a thing about. Nowadays it seems to fade away and every one is doing the same only so they can say they have an amount of followers or promoting things that aren’t important and they’re not staying true to theirself.


But now Spring is around the corner and festivals and lovely activities are there to be celebrated, it’s time to share all the fun and important things again. Because even I have an opinion about all it, I cannot miss my WiFi of 3G for a moment!
Orange created an campaign around #WANGRY, so when I returned from Budapest I had this package waiting for me at home.
I’m a long life customer at Orange and last week I got an letter with the explanation that my “Arend” abbonement changed into unlimited mobile data! Thank you for that!
So what we’re you so #Wangry about?


#WANGRY shirt – jeans NA-KD – Puffer jacket Miss Guided – Sneakers Sacha Shoes – Lipstick NYX Cosmetics


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