A way of dancing in the music video “Ik hou van jou” by Metejoor


They call me a stylist, they call me a fashion blogger, sometimes they call me a bartender or saleswomen and sometimes they call me a figurant.
What am I talking about? About this new music video!
One of my oldest friends Joris van Rossem- you may know his sister Lisa who joined The Voice of Vlaanderen- finally did something with his voice!

This month Metejoor introduced his first song to the world ft Daniel Lopez.
Followed by a music video and sometimes it happens that you need people to fill in the background.
Well hell to the yes I joined this day! With my sensual dance moves… (Fortunately I have some self-esteem).
You have to watch closely, you can see me 3 times, yes 3 times for 1 second!
I’m the girl in the orange dress and ponytail.


What do you think guys, can he be the next Koen Wauters? (You see, there will come a moment that he needs to retire;-)
He got the looks right?!  Which upcoming talents do you have in your country?

Behind the scenes

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.


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