Thick Coats And Biker Boots


Fall, my love. How I enjoy making long walks during these days. The smell of the leaves, the colors and getting attached to cold ears. Yesterday I had a day off since my plans fell through, so when it stopped raining I thought it was the perfect timing to go out of the house, having a walk with my mom and dog with my new biker boots.

I finally felt like wearing my pair of fresh boots for this season. So this was the perfect moment to turn my mom into an Instagram/ hobby photographer. (Read: We weren’t lucky when it comes to the rain but well that’s life!).
This is also something I tell my customers; it is so important to have a pair of sturdy boots. Not only because they look amazing with a lot of winter looks but also to avoid cold feet.
With my leopard flared pants, the only thing where I got my hands on during the Black Friday weekend… do you guys were more lucky then me?
Literally, everything that I wanted was out of stock (knowing that I already was looking for those items on Thursday) so typical!


For the first time I tried something different with Photoshop, when blogging is your business you need to try to stick to “one lay out” if you know what I mean.
To be honest, I cannot pretend that I already know everything and I want to try different things to find what really works for me. (Thank god I am 24).

There is so much “unfair” competition these days that the pressure is twice as high. The positive side is that you have to discover and find new options. A lot of people of my age are dealing with this and sure, you need to give your 200% but don’t forget that it is OK that you’re searching. Don’t try to be to perfect, like all the others you see on social media.
“Too much info” – but I wanted to share this for a moment!

Coat Mado / Pants Colourful Rebel / Boots Sacha Shoes / Earrings Club Manhatten

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