These Are The Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Need This Season

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While it’s always sad to say goodbye to the sunny days, we fashion girls are also looking forward to change our style into comfortable looks which means: cosy season.
Everyone’s winter wardrobe essentials will be vary based on the climate they live in. Writing this article I am assuming most of us are in the same weather conditions  icy cold days or at least we are getting there.

During the winter period you will be more at home, so you probably base your wardrobe heavier on comfortable styles and less dressy items.
We still advise you to consider all occasions, since it might happen you will be invited last minute to an event or party. That way you don’t have to scramble in your closet and you have something to wear.

We all know that we all need an amount of basics in our closet, as a turtleneck, blazer and practicel shoes (flat boots, sneakers) In this list you will find fashionable but much-needed items. Items that are available right now.


A medium-warm coat won’t cut it — we recommended to pull out the big guns go all the way for a puffer coat, an oversized warm coat or other styles that’ll keep you warm.

1. The Renew Puffer Jacket




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2. The Oversized Wool Coat



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3.  Oversized Double Breasted Jacket



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Skinny Jeans

Although I am personal not the biggest fan of skinny jeans — during the winter this item is very good to combine with high boots. Because you cannot tuck in your bootcut jeans in to a pair of high boots.





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Sweater or sweatshirt

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We like to alternate between a sweatshirt that keeps us warm including our head and cosy, to oversized knits that are easy to dress up for work. It also feels like leaving home with your blanket.





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High Boots

As for footwear, I shipper between sneakers and a sturdy pair of thick-soled boots. But you also need to have something a bit sleeker for when I have to dress up or to wear to work. Although the over the knee boots are back in the street walks, we prefer a cool pair of high boots.





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Statement Accessories

To finish the wintery ensembles, you can add a scarf, a beanie or even a barrette to give your look a cold-winter touch-up.




Moss Copenhagen

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