The ultimate tips to find the perfect jeans that won't slip down!

Finding the perfect jeans is a true challenge.
Many of us make quiet some mistakes when it comes to picking out jeans.
One: there are two items that are important to pay attention to and, when needed, more money: SHOES and JEANS.
There are (simple) ways to avoid that bad buy!

When you are fitting jeans and it fits perfect?
There is a big chance that it will slip down once you wear him for a longer period of time.
When you are looking for jeans you have to check of what substance is made off.
The models that slip down often contain a lot of elastane. To avoid this, it’s better to buy jeans that contains 98% cotton.
You can assure yourself that you buy a sturdy pair that keeps his fit.
The other 2% contains elastane, because you probably also looking for some comfort right!
Which brands do I wear at the moment?
Levi’s // Cheap Monday // Liu Jo Jeans

Do you have questions about which color of model fits you the best or you would love to have some styling advice during a shopping spree?
Leave a comment below or for shopping advice e-mail me!


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I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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