The Row’s Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen Opened Their Most Beautiful Store


The Olsen Twins, known by their beautiful collections.
Getting the right details is a pretty full-time occupations for the Olsen sisters and practice had made the near perfect at it.

The Olsen who have first opened their store in New York, found this place a few years ago but it wasn’t available, so they started their shop in L.A. and finally after all these years the time was right and they are poised to finally have their own place in Manhatten.

Mary-Kate Olsen on the store: “We wanted the store to very much feel like a home—that’s sort of the dream of here: a brownstone in New York. There’s a fantasy to that, and I think bringing that fantasy to reality in a way that everyone can enjoy is a really nice thing.”

Ashley Olsen on the store: “It was really important for us that when you walk into the store it wasn’t about clothes being shoved in your face. It was about the experience of walking in, taking in the space, being able to slowly introduce yourself to sweaters and slippers, or maybe a handbag, have an open area for shoes so you can relax, come upstairs, walk through the collections in a space that’s calm. Less is more, I believe. Then, on the third floor, it’s open again with more of the home objects and a great little private area, as well.”

A store full of art, a place where you feel home and don’t feel like purchase online.
The first time they will be launching shoes, over-exciting news. Making this a experience in life, making this special. I think this place is worth a spot on your bucket list!


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