The Best Make-Up Look For Your Job Interview


No one ever can guarantee you that you’ll get the dream job of your life by your appearance.
Not that it would be ever legal though — little detail — but we can help you into the right direction, because it plays an important role at the end of the day.
If you have an interview coming up soon, or you’re planning to start 2016 with good intentions you can scope these makeup tips to make you look flawless without going overboard. They will definetly notice and it will do good to their first impression.
Who knows your at your new desk in no time!


Keep your foundation simple

A foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone will be distracting from your interview.
Go for a light foundation that makes your skin look fresh. Apply it with a beauty blender so you won’t use too much of the product 



Skip the pink blush 

You want to look serious and confident at your interview, skip the pink blush, and go for the natural touch. add it in the corners of your cheeks and fade it out in a “3-shape”.
That gives you that healthy look instead of looking to made up.



Leave the Amy Winehouse look 

We all know how fun it is to add that little corner above our eye, but just skip that idea.
Use a eye liner, to draw a fine line just above your eye lashes, it will make your lashes look fuller. Finish your look with a kohl pencil, apply this on the top waterline of your eye, so it doesn’t seem like you wear a ton of make-up. and taupes on your eyes.

GROENE BIO LINER 01 BLACK, Boho green make up €10,90


Natural lipstick

 We all love the fun lip stick colors, matching it without outfits. This time it will be more appropriate toadd a natural color to your lips. A darker of brighter color will cause distraction and you don’t want themto miss all your experiences.



Choose a natural eye shadow

Always be careful with adding eye shadow on moments like this. We don’t need to forget that not we’re not all make up artists, that can mix match the perfect eye colors with their outfits, blending the colors. Go for a natural palette with a touch of brown of your eye, so it doesn’t seem like you wear a ton of make-up. and taupes on your eyes.

Gosh Eyeshadow Quattro Driftwood 22, Gosh €7,52


The smell of your cologne

Last but not least, perfume. Please, be careful with what you’re using that day. Nothing more ennoying (I wanted tosay discusting, because it actually is — just did it, oops!) then losing your concentration because of someone’s cologne.Go for subtle, a touch of flowers or something light.

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